Is it possible to add custom (calculated) column into CSV report?

I am reporting user accounts based on various filters, exporting that to CSV for further processing. Everything works fine, but I am interested in adding some extra columns (that are not collected from AD) but can be defined by formula. I can do it later in Excel from CSV, but that is extra work that I would like to have done directly by Enterprise Reporter.

Is something like that possible?


  • It depends on the type of calculation you want to do.

    If you edit a report in the Report Manager and right click on a field that is already added to the report, you can change the field from just showing its contents to various calculations:

    Alternatively, if you intend to use the formatted version of a report, you can add calculated fields into the formatted report using the layout editor.

    Finally, you could create a "Custom Query" version of your report and add the calculated fields right into the report's SQL query (example below).  This is most practical if you intend to use your report in CSV export format though strictly speaking, if you are willing to put the time in, you could do a formatted report as well in the Report Manager layout editor.

  • Thanks a lot, SQL query direct modification worked for me.

    This is the example of what I added into SELECT clause: IIF([tblDomainUser].[LastLogonTimestamp] > 1, 'logged on', 'never logged on') AS EverLoggedOn

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