How do I create a report with an Active Roles virtual attribute?

I have set a discovery that collects Active Roles virtual attributes (and run it, so there's data), but when creating a report, I can't find it in the fields tab.

The custom attribute is on users only, so I assumed it'd be under Active Directory > Users (it wasn't).

Anyway so how do I report on the data from this attribute?


  • Hi,

    There are a number of small steps that need to be taken when extending attributes of any kind. After you have extended the attributes and the ran the discovery and before you can access those attributes you need to close Report Manager and re-open it. This allows Report Manager to include the extended attributes.

    For example, I am using the Domain Users report and I copy it to the My Reports or Published Reports folders in RM. I can then edit that report ant apply the extended attributes. Since you are only using the User attributes from ARS, select Fields in the edited report and browse down until you see Domain User. Continue to browse down until you see the ARS attributes that have been extended. You can now click on the Add for each and add the attributes to the Selected Fields. Next select Layout and add the fields to your report.

    The biggest issue is that you need to close and re-open Report Manager after a discovery to use, not just ARS, but any extended attributes.