• Hi, I am not getting the required result from reporter tool , I have ran a single discovery job with folder level set 4 but in report its not giving me any subfolder details.

    Need a custom report for single machine with all folder and subfolder details.

  • How can you get the report have groups with same members?

    From Quest Enterprise Reporter
    Activate Director System

  • How do I create a report with an Active Roles virtual attribute?

    I have set a discovery that collects Active Roles virtual attributes (and run it, so there's data), but when creating a report, I can't find it in the fields tab.

    The custom attribute is on users only, so I assumed it'd be under Active Directory…

  • Administrator Group and Users

    Is there a way to duplicate the functionality of the Local Group Member Report from the Report Library and remove the "include the following computers" field and replace that field with "include the following organizational units" field…

  • Cross forest group nesting report

    I have set the discovery for AD to collect group nestings as needed -but I need to make a report now for it.


    Required fields Domain and Group name to input to report nested information on.


    Domain name, Group name, OU path to group, domain…

  • Change Report modifications

    I have a need to be able to detail changes in the domain for objects in specific OUs. One report for users and one report for group membership.

    Group Memberships - the Group membership changes report is good but there is some missing data:

     - there is…

  • Enhancement Request: Scheduled Tasks report

    In preparing servers for migration from SOURCE to TARGET domains, it would be beneficial to report to the client what scheduled tasks are running with SOURCE domain logon credentials as those accounts will need to be updated to accounts from the TARGET…

  • Our Enterprise Reporter Forum Has Moved!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Enterprise Reporter Community Forum! You can post questions or suggestions or custom reports about products in the new forum as part of an active discussion. If you posted a question below in this forum…