• Active Directory - Domain Groups report returning user SAM in Group SAM field

    Hello all-

    I had AD discovery working.  Then it stopped working.  AD discovery is now working as expected again, and a few discoveries have completed.

    Now, when I run the Active Directory - Domain Groups report however, for some groups I'm getting a user…

  • How can you get the report have groups with same members?

    From Quest Enterprise Reporter
    Activate Director System

  • Administrator Group and Users

    Is there a way to duplicate the functionality of the Local Group Member Report from the Report Library and remove the "include the following computers" field and replace that field with "include the following organizational units" field…

  • Comprehensive report to expose all subordinate users of an AD user

    I am looking into a customer request (Iron Mountain) for a report which would enumerate all direct and indirect subordinates to an AD user to the bottom most level. Their use case is primarily centered around constructing and altering distribution lists…

  • AD Security Group Members


    I would like to get a report that can give me the last change done by a user (UserID) for example an AD Security Group identify who was the last person to add or remove a member.  

    • What version of Enterprise Reporter is being used?
    • 3.1
    • What discoveries…
  • Has anyone successfully integrated CyberArk with Credential Manager?

    It appears that you can configure CyberArk to manage the password(s) with Enterprise Reporter EXCEPT with Credential Manager.  Has anyone successfully done this and how did you do it?

  • Enterprise Reporter - Custom Reports Center Repository


    I would like to know if there is an Enterprise Reporter "Customs Reports Center Repository" , something like Microsoft's Script Center Repository, where we could download "custom" reports that might correspond to a report we need to create…

  • What’s New in Enterprise Reporter 2.6 Hotfix #2

    Enterprise Reporter 2.6 Hotfix #2 is a maintenance release that addresses the issues noted below as well in the attached Read Me. This release is cumulative, meaning that if version 2.6 is installed, you can safely install the version found in this solution…