Report to show the parent Organizational Unit (OU) of the users

The report is created to show all users residing inside input OU recursively. The report is created using ER v3.0.

Suppose if the input parameter is Domain\OU then the report will give all users residing in Domain\OU along with users residing in any sub OU of Domain\OU recursively.

report output will be:

Parent OU Users
Domain\OU User1
Domain\OU User2
Domain\OU User3

Where User1 is actually under Domain\OU\OU1 and User2 is in Domain\OU\OU2.

Instructions to use this report are as follows:

1. Run Active Directory for the required scopes.

2. Unzip and import the attached report in the Report Manager.

3. In Report Manager, supply the required parameter and run the report.

4. Optionally, export the data to CSV format.