Folder Permissions with Membership with an option to exclude accounts

The report is created to show folder permissions with membership with an option to exclude certain accounts from being displayed in the report. The report is created using ER v3.0.


The report has seven input parameters: Computer Names, Include Folder Paths, Exclude Folder Paths, Inherited or Explicit permissions, Include accounts,  exclude accounts, and exclude groups from expansion. For the exclude accounts parameter, you can provide users or groups to hide the referenced accounts/groups whether directly permissioned or nested within another group. For the exclude groups from expansion parameter, you can provide groups that you want to show in the report but do not want to expand its members.

Instructions to use this report are as follows:

1. Run NTFS Discovery for the required scopes (Select 'Collect group members' options to collect all the members of the groups recursively).

2. Unzip and import the attached report in the Report Manager.

3. In Report Manager, supply the required parameter and run the report.

4. Optionally, export the data to CSV format.