VM Creation Dates (Birthdays)

I've been working on a little dashboard that you can use to find VMs that were created given a specific date range.  It takes all the VMs, finds the ones between a set of dates and shows on a table.  It looks at everything right now, but I'm curious if others would want to filter that down still by vCenter/Cluster etc...



  • I just had some time to start playing with it and for what its worth, I'm getting the correct create dates.

  • Great features in a simple form. Doesn't Foglight for Virtualization have any of these dashboards by default? It would also be cool to be able to present the number of removed VMs and their dates to further the VM lifecycle management dashboard. Is this anything you've seen of created yourself?

    Another question, do you create your cartridges with FglIDE created by Stefan Marx or has Quest published a non-community cartridge packaging utility?

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

  • Generally, I use FGLide for making cartridges these days vs. the command line (it's just easier).  As for the rest I generally create what I need or extend the functionality as folks ask for it.  Adding removal dates shouldnt be too hard if I can find some free time again.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, I spoke with Mathias Sundling some time ago when he mentioned that Quest/Dell was currently developing an own solution for distributing cartridges. Do you know anything about this matter, if it's in the pipeline and scheduled for the 7.0 release maybe?
    The reason I ask is that we are trying to distribute rules/registry etc. variables across multiple FMS in a MSP like solution. My suggestion is using fglIDE but since it is communitybased it's not supported external to the community. But maybe the fglIDE will not dissapear in the comming releases?

    Thanks again

  • The ide may not be supported officially, but that really applies to the ide itself not the contents imo.  Once you place registry variables, views etc... into an FMS they can be supported/maintained.  I've personally not run into issues with the it, and I've had a lot/most of my cartridges run through our internal support certification process with no issues (and I used fglide for it). 

    As for a better method/distribution for cartridges, I'm not privy to any discussion on that so I can't really say for sure.

  • Ok, I understand. We'll se what happens in the coming releases. Thanks for your answers!