Customizing my Dashboard


   I understand this is the place to ask soem questions about my foglight install.  I would like to create a dashboard to make foglgith more useful to me, and have some questions for anyone willing to help out a Foglight newb;

--On the Alerts page, there is a filter option, but every time I filter I get zero results.  See, there are more then my servers being monitored, so I am trying to filter by *  I tryed all the fields, and even though I see the field listed in the unfiltered list of alerts, when applied, there are no results

--On my new dashboard, I am trying to monitor an application called Banner INB.  Foglight successfully sees what I want (active sessions) but lists all the graph lines as 'baninb'.  I want to change the label to the server name.  I can determine this manually if I have too, but I cant even find a way to manually change the label type, it only allows me to select something in the dropdown.

--I have added two windows I want to delete.  Some of my windows have a little drop down arrow with a 'remove' option.  But two of my windows (experiments to see it worked) do not have the drop down, or anything.  How do I remove these windows?

Than you all for your time.  Also I would love some more specific docuemntation on how to accomplish more with the dashboard, but was unable to find much beyond the basic stuff.  If you know, that would be awesome!