Alarms Analysis Dashboard Question

I'm seeking some clarification on this Knowledgebase Article:
Alarm Analysis Cartridge plug in for Foglight and Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise. (144909)

The notes in this article state that in the FMS release, the Alarm Analysis tab has been added to the Alarms Dashboard. (Note: The KB article also has attached the AlarmAnalysis-2_2_4 cartridge and it is indicated that this is a community maintained cartridge.)

I'm just trying to understand what the change that was introduced in really amounts to. Is it that the cartridge remains unsupported by Quest but the official Foglight product has added only the "Alarms Analysis" tab to the official Alarms dashboard, enabling such if the unsupported cartridge happens to be installed?

If I disable the AlarmAnalysis cartridge (I've had it installed for quite some time), does the new Alarms Analysis tab go away, not function, etc? Or is the functionality of the AlarmAnalysis cartridge now integrated into the official product now making the AlarmAnalysis-2_2_4 cartridge no longer required to be installed separately?

Hopefully my question is clear and someone can clarify...


  • Hi Jason,

    What that mean are
    1. If your FMS is before, you can install this Alarm Analysis community cartridge which is not supported.
    2. If your upgrade your FMS to, you can uninstall that Alarm Analysis community cartridge ; all function in Alarm Analysis has been fully integrated to FMS under Home | Alarm | Alarms Analysis tab

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks Lee, that answers my question perfectly! I have now disabled and uninstalled the AlarmAnalysis cartridge and I see I have full functionality of that feature under the Alarms Analysis tab.

    This may require a separate post but I also have the "ClearandDeleteAlarms" cartridge installed (v1.0.4). I think in an earlier edition of the AlarmAnalysis cartridge there were some associated rules created to assist in managing alarms. However if I remember correctly this functionality was moved to the ClearandDeleteAlarms-1_0_4 cartridge at a later date.

    My question is, can I also now disable and remove the ClearandDeleteAlarms cartridge? Has its functionality been fully integrated with FMS
  • You are welcome Jason.

    I took a look ClearandDeleteAlarms community cartridge (  ) and it only have one rule (AlarmClearAfterDays) and two registry variables (AlarmClearAfterDays and AlarmDeleteAfterDays)

    Start from FMS 5.7.1, we have a similar setup which use registry variables (AlarmPurgeAge) to control how long we keep the alarm but it only for purge not auto clear like this community cartridge did

    So you can still keep it if you like auto clear feature or uninstall it and use our build in purge feature

    Here are more information about this building feature (FGL-17243 )

    The server now contains a registry variable AlarmPurgeAge that sets the number of days that cleared alarms are allowed to remain in the system before they are purged during nightly maintenance. By default, Foglight keeps alarms in the system is 30 days, after that they are purged.

    Hope this helps

    Best Regards