Is it possible to customize email alerts from Service Builder dashboard?

Hi Guys,


In the latest FMS version, Record Severity rule has been enhanced to carry the error message found in the monitored logfile using a variable "<severity>RecordText".

​Is it possible to include the same from the emails which gets triggered from the Services (Service Builder)?

I referred to KB, but this does not cover the dynamic record severity rule variable.

Any ideas on how can this be achieved?


Below is the email alert from the Record Severity rule

And below is the email alert from the service. Customer wants to customize this email alert with the error message found in the monitored logfile.

  • Below are the steps to achieve this.

    1. Navigate to Administration | Rules & Notifications | Rules dashboard
    2. Search for "Record Severity" and go to the Conditions tab of the rule
    3. Update the "Alarm Message" text field with the variable for the text field.
    4. The variable name is "xxxxxRecordText" (replace xxxx with the severity).
    5. Click "Save All" to save the changes.
    6. Wait for the email alert from the Services and check if this fulfills your expectation.

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