Service Operations Console -- Permissions

Hi All,

Which is the role that I can give to a user to access the ‘Service Operations Console’ without giving permissions to anything else in the Services drop down…?

Even giving ‘Advanced Operators’ role does not fix the permission…however, I don’t want to give that role to regular Operators as they may end up getting access to the ‘Service Builder’ dashboard.

Currently the user is in Foglight Operators Group with below roles (check attachment). And I’m getting the below error (check attachment)….!

Thanks much for the time....!




  • Hi Team,

    It seems like only an Admin user can view / drill-down all the Tiers in the SOC dashboard.

    For a normal Operator, though I’m able to view the SOC dashboard, individual ‘Tiers’ like web, javaee and db are throwing an error ‘The view is not authorized’ when logged in as a regular Operator user account.

    I’ve seen this only in 5.6.4 FMS. We also have a 5.8.2 FMS and SOC dashboard displays correct there.

    Any help is much appreciated....! I've tried everything (including permissions, definitions...etc..but I may be missing something here...! )



  • Hi Arun,

    Thank you for pointing out this issue. It looks like the Tier popups were inappropriately configured to require the Administrator role. Bug report FGLUI-11811 has been filed and will be fixed in a future release.

    To fix this problem in the meantime, log in to Foglight as a user with the "Dashboard Designer" role and modify two views in the WCF definition editor:

    "Services/Tier Definitions/Service Tier Dialog Wrapper"

    "Services/Tier Definitions/Service Tier Summary Wrapper"

    Add the "Operator" role to the Relevant and Allowed Roles for both.

    After you save these views with this change, the problem should be resolved.

    Thanks again for pointing this out.


    Brian Wheeldon