Customize Foglight (html->head->title)

Hi there, (it's me again^^)

Is there a way to edit the title of the webpage? (FMS Console)

Problem is, we have now 5 customers and thats why often opened at least 3 FMS consoles and i never can differentiate them:)

All Windows called "Foglight"

Would be great to rename them to "Foglight Customer A" or something like this.

Has somebody done it already?

Thanks in advance


  • Yes, this is technically possible. Foglight supports a "Branding Cartridge" that can be used to update the spash screen, header area, and many other aspects of the Foglight "skin". Since these aspects involve intellectual property and branding owned by Quest, changes need to be implemented by Quest Professional Services.

    The process is straight-forward and easy to implement.


    Brian Wheeldon

  • OK thanks Brian..we've got a quest consultant in house next time, will ask him to do...



  • I was provided with the steps, created w/ PSO, to "brand" our various FMS but, no mention was made on how to change the title.  I have updated the splash on the logon page and replaced the word "Foglight" in the upper right corner.  If unable to post response here can you email the missing piece of how to change the title?



  • Hi Doug,

    In your Branding Cartridge, there is a file called branding.xml.

    In that file, you will find a 'title' tag that you can modify.

    For example, I use an FMS in the lab whose IP address ends in ".112", so I set this tag to:

              <title key="Foglight .112"/>


    Brian Wheeldon

  • I see that the branding.xml file says a written agreement must be in place to modify the branding.  How does one obtain such an agreement and does it cost?

  • The agreement depends on the nature of the branding modification. The most common modification uses existing Foglight logos and branding but adds Foglight "for Acme Co" or Foglight "Staging" to the splash screen and header.

    Historically, this type of modification has not required a legal agreement. More comprehensive branding changes that modify or replace the visibility of Foglight intellectual property assets require an agreement based on the nature of those changes.

    Your best bet is to contact your Foglight Sales Rep with a description of your intended branding changes and they can get the ball rolling.


    Brian Wheeldon