NMS Compliance Notice

Hah, your NMS and Free Network tools are a scam. After a month NMS pops up a Compliance Notice warning and wants to have access to the internet, same as your so called "Free Network Tools".

I do hope DELL senior management clean up your act. These applications all currently require access to the internet. Despite NMS working for a month, then popping the complicance notice up. What is wrong with you jokers??? Our network is scured and has no access to the internet. Untill you completely remove all these hidden alerts and traps, i am uninstalling NMS and Free Network tools.

Quite a scam you have going. Your programmers need to be hung and quartered . . .

  • Hey Als,

    I'm sorry you feel this way.  We have 1,000s of free users with no internet access.

    This dialogue can be dismissed.  If the server does not have access to the internet it can be dismisssed on the Server Studio.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Jonas,

    Well maybe I was a little harsh!

    But honestly, Foglight Ver.6.4.22722, on my Win 7 SysAdmin DELL T1500, does not simply allow you to dismiss the compliance notice.

    After the circle logo in the top right hand screen stops, it pops up a notice that Foglight NMS server does not have Internet access. Fair enough. If you click on Retry it continues to retry, with same result.If you click on Cancel, it pops up another notice saying "To continue using Foglight NMS with out connecting to the internet now, contact us at 1-800306-9329, x17873". Which i cannot do. This is eaxctly the same result when trying to run Free Network Tools.

    Click on the OK and it goes back to Compliance notice and the whole scenario is repeated infinite times ad nauseaum.

    You cannot simply dismiss the compliance notice as you state. It is an infinite loop. If you use Task Manager to kill the compliance window it shuts down Foglight main as its spawned by the main. You cannot, or at least lets say on my machine I cannot get it to dismiss.However when i start another session of Foglight NMS, I am able to kill one compliance process, but it puts Foglight into Administration mode only, with only the ability to add a new site, policy, ticket group or patch centre.

    So this software has the some routine/module that Free Network Tools has, making it basically (should I use the term without you getting upset?) crippleware.

    I can provide proof of this by screen capture or even vdo capture if you want.



  • There seems to be a major disconnect between what Dell/Quest says and what they do.  Dell's website clearly states "200 nodes, free forever" (just verified this today).  The offline activation page lists two options, "100 nodes" and "Free 21 day trial".  Quest quoted me $49/node for less than 200 nodes when I called the number shown on the compliance message.  Foglight NMS pops up their compliance check message after about a month.  This may be ignored, as indicated by the Quest rep (above) after filling in the form and a lengthy delay, EVERY TIME YOU START THE GUI.  Also, the companion "Packettrap free network tools, no activation required" will not activate without Internet access, also verified by phone with Quest today.  Without the tools most of the drilling for details features are unavailable making the tool much less useful than described in the sales pitch.

    I was able to make the compliance check go away by deleting the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quest Software\NMS Server", restarting the server, then launching the GUI which brought up the activation screen.

    What have we learned today?

    In the Questverse, forever = 21 days

    Offline = Online

    Free = $49/node

    Update: Quest emailed me a different version of the Free Network Tools which seems to run without activation.  This is not the version linked to by the many previous posts.  Call Quest and ask for your copy of "PacketTrap_pt360_Tool_Suite_Setup".  This update is very much appreciated!

  • I'm glad you found what you were looking for.

    Might you be good enough to remove the parts of your posts which are irrelevant now, and instead leave the resolution portion to aid future users in quickly finding the answer you found?

    Much appreciated.


  • The topic is still "200 nodes free forever" and the implementation is still "Nag after 21 days, even if the server was told it is not on the Internet".