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Has anyone modified the DBSS_Jobs_Failed rule to set criteria for a specific job?

The DBSS_Jobs_Failed rule generically checks for job failures.  I want to copy the rule and set up a rule to monitor a single job containing the string %backup% in the job name.

  • Hello Randy,

    to exclude specific jobs from the rule, you can use the DB administration dashboard - see screen shot below.
    You find the DB Administration on the DB Overview dashboard. Select the agent you want to do the change for and then click on "Settings | Administration".


    To create a new rule base on an existing one, you need to open the dashboard "Administration | Rules & Notification | Rules". Now find the needed rule and click on the name. A context menu opens and you can select copy. Next a window will open where you can modify the rule.
    Click on the Rule Definition tab and change the rule scope. The rule is scoping on object DBSS_Agent_Job_List and this object contain a property called job_name. So you can change the scope, for example

    To exclude a specific job:
    DBSS_Agent_Job_List where job_name !like '%backup%'

    To trigger rule only for specific job:
    DBSS_Agent_Job_List where job_name !like '%backup%'

    To check if the scoping works properly click on the green check mark.

    Here are 2 example screen shots.
    Default scope:


    Changed scope to exclude a job:


    I hope that helps.

    Kind Regards


  • Thank you. This was exactly what I needed. Now I have 2 more issues to work through.

    1. One of the variables I need to add is the instance name so that it can be used in an email,
    2. The job fires for the same failure upon every check. I think I need to change this event driven so it only fires upon failure. Does that sound about right?

    Also, do you know if there is documentation about the topology types and the associated property values to make it easier to find what I need for variables?
  • Hello Randy,

    the scope properties of the rule scope you can find here:

    If you want to see the content of the properties use the script console (Administration | Tooling | Script Console). Select the needed object from the drop down, then select the object instance and then the properties will be listed in the lower part of the dashboard:

    The rule is firing with each check because it is a simple rule. If you need a different behavior, build a multi-severity rule. If you have a multi-severity rule, the alarm will be triggered only when the condition change. If you have a warning alarm already, no new warning will be fired, until the metrics met the critical condition in the next collection interval. Then the critical alarm will be triggered and the warning one will be cleared.

    Regarding documentation:
    First I would recommend the Admin Guide where you can find details how to work with rules, threshold, etc.
    Then there is a Data Model Guide which provides details about the internal FMS model structure.
    And finally there is Dashboard Guide which explains how you can drill into the data models to access specific object/metrics etc.

    These documentation are going into the Foglight internals and will help you to customize your server. There are a lot of options. If you really want to dig into it, I would recommend further training. We have recorded training sessions which you can review - look at here 

    Or you can contact our PSO team and they can provide customize training for you.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Kind Regards