Values of Metrics are being rounded up when adding them to Custom Dashboard

Hello there,

I have a set of Metrics that when added to a Custom Dashboard their values are being rounded up.

When I check their values under Configuration/Data I see:

value1: 38,173 count

value1total: 58,881 count

When I create a WCF dashboard and add the metrics their values are shown as:



How can I show the whole values? I have tried using a Renderer but it does nothing...

In the other hand, something similar happens when I create a Derived Metric to get the percentage value using the next formula:

percent(#value1, #value1total#);

When verifying the result I get the next value: 64.83076034714085

but when I check the value stored at Configuration/Data I see a rounded up value as such:

value1percentage: 65%

Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.


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