Im looking to generate a report that will provide the following:

A report to provide the following:

Host Name OS CPU Util memory Util for the past 1 month

  • Hello Georgios,

    there are some out-of-the-box reports which you can find under "Reports". 

    Click on "Run a Report" and select the tab "All Templates". Filter for "Host" and you will get a bunch of reports which contain host information. See screenshot below:

    I would recommend the "All Hosts Report" which is a good overview of the used resources for the selected timeframe.

    There is also a report called "Physical Host Load Summary" which provides much more details.

    For all reports, you can select a time frame and you can also schedule it.

    Please play around with those reports to find the one which meets your requirements. If none of the reports provides the details you need, you can create your own report by clicking on "Build a Custom Report".

    Does that help?

    Kind Regards