Best method for monitoring SQL

Looking into the best method for monitoring SQL, how do you monitor your instances/database?

Do you use an existing monitoring tool (i.e. SCOM) or custom PowerShell scripts calling queries? I’m looking to better the way we monitor SQL, it’ll be monitoring the basics such as log/db filling up, availability groups being offline, accounts being locked, failed backups, etc. whatsapp web whatsapp plus routerlogin

Any guidance or information on how others do this would be great!

  • Hi Kabir,

    Foglight includes a SQL Server cartridge which provides capabilities to monitor SQL Server instances and it's Operating System metrics. Alarms can be easily configured in the product to notify users for issues such as log/database files filling up, availability groups being offline, and failed backups. 

    A customized collection could also be created to list the SQL logins that are locked in SQL Server. An alarm could be built upon this custom collection.

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