Accessing Data

Please could anyone guide me on these email path/ direction? 

Data | Administration | Management server | All Data | DBSS_Data_Model | Cluster | (select The Host) | instances | (select The Instance) | Memory Summery resource pool | Used Percentage....I was not able to find/follow this path/directions on Foglight for Databases to get the information required. These were directions sent by a Foglight Tech support and they are not clear to me. Can anyone help?

  • Hi,

    I don't like to guess, but are you trying to build a dashboard or report?

    If so, you can navigate like in the screenshot below:

    Then simply drag "used percentage" or whatever other metrics to the left, and pick and option for display. I normally go with "select metrics" and a line chart, because line charts are fun.

    Once you have the chart, you can drag other metrics over (eg. from other instances), to create new charts, or drop them on the chart that exists. You can click the "down tick" icon on the chart to edit properties (eg. pick a better legend, etc.)

    If you were trying to do something else, let us know here and we'll try to help.