Report Question

Hello Everybody,

My company implemented Foglight last week, so we are still learning to navigate!

We had a temporary outage on one of our Microsoft SQL Servers instances on Saturday night around 5:30PM EST. Is there a report that we can run that will isolate all activity on Saturday for that specific instance to assist with our troubleshooting?

Thank you,


  • Hello Kim,

    the first approach would be the alarms dashboard. There you can search for alarms coming from the DB server which will help you to find the root cause of the issue. Even if the instance was not available you suppose to get an alarm for it (except you shut down the instance by purpose).

    Next, you can use the timeline in the top right corner of Foglight. By default, we display the last hour, but there you can select another time frame/range. For example, you can select the "SQL Instance Summary" dashboard under the "Activity" menu and change the time frame to last Saturday. Same you can do with any other dashboard, except the real-time dashboards as that is always showing the last hour.

    Finally, you have the options to create reports. There are several reports out-of-the-box. Also in the top right corner beneath the time range, you will find a small drop-down called "Reports". When you click on "Run a Report" you will the canned reports. You can select the report "Workload Summary" or "Database Space Usage" or ... There are so many.

    I hope that will help you to start your investigation.

    Kind Regards