capacity trending report template missing

Hi! Does anyone here noticed that the Capacity Trending Reports (Clusters and Datastore) templates are missing in Foglight Evolve 9.0?

  • I have the same issue but in FVE 8.9.1 which I just upgraded to this past Friday (02/14/20).  I realized this was the case when my weekly report didn't come through this morning or came through with no data.  There are other reporting issues as well.

    - Cluster Capacity Trending, template unavailable
    - Datastore Capacity Trending, template unavailable
    - Optimizer CPU Report, no data
    - Optimizer Memory Report, no data

  • Hello Neil/sdixo3,

    These reports are available in Capacity Director cartridge on Evolve 9.1 and FVE 8.9.1. If you have Evolve_Operate Lic or on FVE if you have Capacity Director lic (yes, it is the separate lic for this cartridge) then you can enable the cartridge and see these report templates.