DBSS - SQL Server Agent Status not working.

I've noticed that we are not getting Foglight alerts/alarms when one of our monitored SQL Server database's SQL Server Agent isn't running. I've checked to see that the alarm is activated and it is set by default, but we can turn the SQL Agent service off on our server and never get an alarm. Any way to troubleshoot this? Or is anyone else having this issue?


  • Hi Dwayne,

    When investigating alarm issues, my goto starting point is usually KB article 114543. This KB provides a list of many different investigation paths and causes for Alarm issues. 

    With the case of the SQL Server Agent Alarm, I would recommend validating the connectivity in the Agent Administration screen. This alarm requires an Administrator level Windows OS account and a successful OS connection to the host. 

    I would also suggest that you could try to narrow down the issue to being specific to the alarm or alarms for the agent in general. When testing alarms, I often temporarily set a very low threshold to an alarm like file group utilization or I will temporarily enter a bad password in the Agent Status Properties. Assuming the alarm has been enabled and the sensitivity is okay (I recommend tuning), an alarm for the agent should fire. Then you can use this information to eliminate a "general" Foglight alarm issue to being specific to this alarm.


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