Execute a Rule to get current value Manually

Looking at Connection time Alarm I see the message "Connection Time. The average connection time to the XYZ instance is 15,00 ms."

To get this result of 15ms I have to wait til the value is in the range of Warning or Critical so I can see it in the alarm

Is there a way to get THAT VALUE WITHOUT waiting to be in a Critical /Warning alarm message?

Something like executing the metric manually and see the current value/metric, Is this possible ?


  • Hi,

    Before I go too deep into possible ways to do this, what access do you have in Foglight? Are you an Administrator who can see the Rules dashboard? Can you see the Configuration -> Data dashboard? Let me know and I can provide a couple ways based on that.

    Configuration -> Data is probably the easiest since you can just navigate down to the instance, collection, and use the Metric Analyzer to see the collected values.