Help with Integration Action calling a script


I am trying to implement an integration action to call a script that will send out an event to an event management engine.  I followed the setup in the Foglight For Integrations User Reference Guide PDF and it is successfully calling my script and running it. I am having problems passing parameters to it.   The powershell script is being called, but with the initial setup it did not send the event information to the script.  In order for it to pass the event information along with the script, I had to add "@ event" argument to the script variable (see below).  But, even with that, I am not sure what format that data is in. Is it JSON?  Is it XML?  Can I access specific entries in that object?  If so, how? 

I have not been able to find that much information on basic variables/parameters that are able to be passed to the script, or used as arguments with the script.

Any help is appreciated, details on my setup below.  Thanks!

Rule Type: Simple

Rule Triggering: AlarmSystemEvent

Rule Scope: No Scoping Query


Condition & Actions - Fire:

Condition = true

Action - Parameters:

Alarm System Event:  [alarm_event]RuleSystem Variable

COMMAND_LINE:  [script[Rule/System Variable


Rule Variables:

alarm_event | @event | Expression

script | powershell "c:\send.ps1" @event | Message

version - Quest Foglight 5.9.2

  • The values in those @event variables are just text


    def eventType = @event.get("change/value");
    def alarmID = @event.get("alarmID");
    def topologyObjectID = @event.get("topologyObjectID");
    def sourceID = @event.get("sourceID");
    def sourceName = @event.get("sourceName");
    def isCleared = @event.get("isCleared");
    def isTransition = @event.get("isTransition");
    def nextSeverityLevel = @event.get("nextSeverityLevel");
    def severityLevel = @event.get("severityLevel");
    def message = @event.get("message");
    def isAcknowledged = @event.get("isAcknowledged");
    def clearedTime = @event.get("clearedTime");
    def ruleName= @event.get("ruleName");
    def ruleComments = @event.get("ruleComments");
    def ruleID = @event.get("ruleID");
    def alarmLink = @event.get("alarmLink");

    you can find some documentationion <fmslinks>/console/help/foglight-admin-guide-help/RULE8471710f-2b6f-4451-87c6-ef91d997e87e.htm#489275