Foglight Management Suite?

Someone mentioned the term Foglight Management Suite to me and I've never heard this before. I have the Foglight for cross platform using SQL cartridge. Is this "suite" something different or old naming?

  • I've been using Foglight for ~ 16 years and that name doesn't ring a bell. I've heard it called all sorts of things though and it sounds like a mixup on Foglight Management Server perhaps?

  • Maybe someone mixed it up with the Toad Suite which was/is a bundle of Toad products.

    Same as Darren I never heard about a Foglight Suite.



  • Terms such as "Foglight suite of application monitoring tools", "Foglight Management Suite", and " Foglight suite of virtualization management products" were used in varying forms about 5-7 years ago.

    • "Foglight suite" (in general) sometimes referred what is now Foglight for Databases, Foglight Evolve, and additional "end user" components (the latter are now out of Support).
    • "Foglight Management suite" was the Foglight Management Server and the collected set of cartridges.
    • "Foglight suite of virtualization management products" was Foglight for Virtualization Standard and Enterprise offerings (now Foglight Evolve).