Which the metric on SQL Server Cartridge be equivalent to the Waiting Tasks from MS Management Studio Activity monitoring ?

Hi Team,

Customer is already familiar with the MS Management Studio Activity monitoring and usually use it when troubleshooting any issue. And, they were usually figure on the Waiting Tasks chart to identify if the value of waiting task become high, that mean the SQL Server become slow due to those Wait Events.

Now, we are trying to propose the Foglight for SQL Server to them. As they already familiar with the Activity monitoring, so they are asking whether if we have any metric which equivalent to such the Waiting Tasks, if so they will build a custom dashboard on Foglight for showing such equivalent chart, and then can help them to monitor on Foglight dashboard instead of the Activity Monitoring.

Please help to suggest me on any metric which be equivalent to such Waiting Tasks.




  • Hello Kittipop,

    sorry for the delay.

    In the PI dashboard you can see the "Wait Time Percent" on Instance level, statement level etc. The Resource Breakdown shows the resource usage and there you can see if there are a lot of wait events. Clicking on the "Top Wait Events" you will get the list of the wait events.

    You can also look at the Activity -> Sessions dashboard where you get the list of sessions (current) and their details (wait time). Using PI you have the option to see also historical sessions.

    To rebuild the Activity Monitor dashboard in Foglight might be not a good idea. I would choose another approach: Ask the customer about his use cases, what are his needs, where does he miss something etc. Based on this information you can show how Foglight can help him, which rules we have to alarm him, which reports we have to analyse etc. He might need to get used to a new workflow to investigate his issues, but what he gets out of Foglight is much more than what he is getting from the Activity Monitor.

    I hope that helps.



  • Hi Nicola,

    ok  got your point. I’m agree.

    Thanks for suggestion.


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