Modifying Rules for only single MS SQL Database or group of databases

Would like to know how to modify an existing rule (or copy) to only alert on a single database or a group of databases.  Example.  The Cluster Failover Rule for MS SQL.  We only want to alert on 1 cluster - not all.  We get alerts all the time for servesr, but we know we are failing them over.  Yes, we can set blackouts, but would just be easier if we could only alert on the critical cluster not the others.

  • Hi Jim,

    This is a bit tricky as there are tradeoffs to each approach. If you make a copy of the rule, then you lose the email action from the Databases -> Administration dashboard.

    What I would do - knowing that the change could be over-written on a DB Cartridge upgrade - would be to add a scoping query to the original rule (DBSS - Cluster Failover).

    It is scoped to the topology "DBSS_SQL_Server_Host" - clicking the green check mark will show the objects that match. 

    Then add a where clause to the scope and click the box again. Save the rule and it should only fire for the objects in the scoping query. You will see "false positive" of the rule being enabled for other instances in Databases -> Administration (Configure Alarms). 

    In this example I scoped it to the value which can be found under Configuration -> Data and navigating down the Databases -> SQL Server topologies.