Foglight Rules Email Alerts

Can anyone point me to a tutorial to set up an email notification whenever a SQL Server Agent Job fails? 

What I've done thus far:

Added a variable for my email address (copied DBADMIN and changed the email from the main foglight distro list to a more centralized distro list - variable = DBDEV). 
Located the Rule: DBSS - Jobs Failed
Loaded the Rules Editor for this rule
Under Conditions & Actions/Email Notification & Recovery Actions
- Added EmailAction (Entering)
- Changed mail.recipient to DBDEV Registry Variable
- Saved

When I started receiving hundreds of blank emails (although Solarwinds is not reporting job failures), I removed the Entering EmailAction and added an Exiting EmailAction identical to the Entering one I deleted. I have the same result (hundreds of blank emails). 

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks