Is there a way to get Foglight to ignore the "Days Since Last Backup" flag on the secondary node of an Always On Group?

We have an alert set for the last backup based on the "DBSS - Days Since Last Backup" but it's filling our Foglight with a lot of false positives.  We have good backups on the primary nodes, but the alarms are showing on the secondary.  Does anyone know how to make it disregard this alarm if the primary has a good backup?



  • Hi Ryan,

    For a single availability group, users can exclude individual databases for each database agent by editing the agent configuration in the Administration panel and adding the names of databases that should be excluded from the alarm. This is described in knowledgebase article 4302604

    For environment monitoring multiple availability groups, Knowledgebase article 4375712 details a situation where a high number of alarms are fired among numerous agents.