Foglight DBO reports


Is there a way to merge Foglight for Oracle Databases report into a single report?

For eg.,

A customer is looking to have a single report which consists of details from,

Executive Summary Report

Top Statements Report

I/O Activity Report

Locks Report

Storage Planning Report

Top DB Users Report

Workload Summary Report

All of these reports in pdf can be merged into a single pdf report using a 3rd party tool.

But customer wants to know if this is possible within Foglight where they dont have to depend on a 3rd party tool.



  • I've worked with Foglight for Oracle Databases before, and from my experience, it doesn't natively support merging different reports into a single report. Foglight is great for generating detailed individual reports, but for combining them, you usually need external tools. However, I'd recommend checking their latest documentation or reaching out to their support team. Sometimes these platforms update features, and there might be a new solution available.