• Track and identify Highest/ top Table wise activities

    HI Friends,

    My Requirements is to generate custom report - Track or Identify Highest / Top Activities on Table wise in database.

    presently i am using this requirement for Oracle.


  • PDB Report from Foglight

    Has anyone ever generated a report that shows all Hosts/Instances/PDb's?  I see that the DB Expansion has a report for all Hosts and Instances ---- but does not add PDB's

  • DBSS - Long Running Job exception duration for single job

    Hello All,

    This alarm "DBSS - Long Running Job"  have a global fire threshold for all the jobs.

    I can see that there is an exception in order to exclude specific jobs.

    Does there is a way to make an exception for a single job duration that will…

  • Customized Workloads Dashboard for Foglight SQL Server PI

    Hello All,

    Attached a quick guide (in .pptx) of how to build quickly customized dashboard that preview all the workloads of your Instances in one dashboard.

    In this Dashboard:

    You can see the Baseline and the Breakdown of all your Instances

    You can see the…

  • Foglight for Oracle - Latest Product Release - Cartridge version

    What’s New:   

    Foglight for Oracle - Cartridge version

    • Improved the Instance Overview dashboard.
    • Added new Enterprise Reports (Inventory and Availability reports).
    • Added the option to change the default monitored instance listener during…