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Foglight for Oracle - Latest Product Release - Cartridge version

What’s New:   

Foglight for Oracle - Cartridge version

  • Improved the Instance Overview dashboard.
  • Added new Enterprise Reports (Inventory and Availability reports).
  • Added the option to change the default monitored instance listener during the agent installation.
  • Added the Top SQL new view.
  • Added capability to set the RAC host name alias from the installer flow.
  • Added a "Client PID" dimension in SQL Performance Investigator.
  • Added the "Total Size" column to the Tablespaces dashboard, showing the tablespace size.
  • Made the following enhancements to CLI:
    • Support using existing OS credentials.
    • Support CLI installation with encrypted passwords.
    • Support CLI installation for data guard stand by instance.
    • Support PI enablement on CLI installer.
  • Added support for monitoring the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS™).
  • Added a "SQL ID" column to the Performance Investigator relevant tables.
  • Added Graphical Workload distribution of Top 10 dimension values.
  • Added Tablespace & Data File extent map.

Documentation & Release Notes

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