• 3 Ways to Convert QuickBooks File to Older Version? Know How...

    Is QuickBooks Desktop being phased out? This question has been on the minds of many business owners and accounting professionals. QuickBooks Desktop has been a popular accounting software for years, but with the rise of cloud-based solutions like QuickBooks…

  • VMware Environment view


    I'd like to limit a user/group/role to only be able to see the VMware Environment which I've been able to do

    I've given my new role permissions to the VMware Environment module (dashboard>vmware environment>actions>properties>edit basic properties…

  • Kerberos Support for Foglight Oracle Cartridge

    We have Kerberos setup on our Oracle Databases and would like to connect to the Oracle databases using Kerberos instead of username/password from Foglight. Toad supports this by leaving the username/password field blank and having certain entries in the…

  • how to monitor is a linux server is up or has been rebboted


    We are having issue with our tools that monitor the servers/OS side  and we are trying to find a solution in foglight

    We are looking at monitoring if a server is up/down or if I has been rebooted

    If anybody has an idea how to do this

    Thank you


  • rule message that references the same expression multiple times gives different results

    I have variables in a rule where the message defines several fields from the same expression.  The strange thing is I get different results in the various fields even though they have the same source.  Does anyone know why this would be?  Here is what is…

  • Tags - Fetch tags in Rule Based on Tag Need to Set Email ID


    in my system we have different regions of agents configured. presently we don't have any naming standards for the monitoring servers. we have only option to classify using "TAGS".

    my requirement is depending on the tag need to set Email…

  • How to create a report/dashboard with multiple databases and user defined collection data in Foglight

    I'm trying to create a report/dashboard with multiple databases that shows the user defined collection data. I created a User Defined Collection on each Database. Now I'd like to create a simple report/dashboard with these columns:

    Database Name…

  • need help customizing the file system capacity rule from the infrastructure cartridge

    I been requested to create a customized rule based on the file system capacity rule

    currently this rule monitors all filesystem

    We want to filter out all filesystems related to the OS like /var., /boot,/tmp or /opt for example

    what should I add the this…

  • Track and identify Highest/ top Table wise activities

    HI Friends,

    My Requirements is to generate custom report - Track or Identify Highest / Top Activities on Table wise in database.

    presently i am using this requirement for Oracle.


  • How do you deal with delegating foglight access in your organization?

    We have recently migrated from Quest's Spotlight (for databases) to Foglight (for databases).

    In doing so we have run into a few challenges: The most important of which for us is delegating (non administrative) access.

    Spotlight had a fairly mature…

  • Add / update an alarm notes via code / API


    I need to add notes or update an existing one for alarm.

    I know I get can notes via API / code but I did not find any way to overwrite the data from code or API.

     For example this code will get alarms notes:

    alarmId = args['alarmId']

  • Corrective actions triggered from Foglight to address space alarms

    Similar to what's been discussed in this post earlier -  How to configure corrective action against alarm
    I am trying to implement a corrective action triggered via Foglight to auto-remediate SQL server space alarms e.g. increase max size of file and…

  • Monitoring Alarms from TeamQuest to Foglight

    I'm working on duplicating monitors from TeamQuest to Foglight. I'm looking for some help with the rule conditions for few alarms to setup in Foglight. Below is the syntax for teamquest and the rule conditions. Please help me on how to setup these…

  • Has anyone used Foglight to capture CDC events and report on them?

    I'm looking to see if change data capture events can be logged by Foglight and ultimate be reported out to various groups, mainly for auditing purposes.  I'd like to do this for multiple instances that are already being monitored by Foglight.

  • How difficult would it be to obtain a zip of all the Foglight Skills 101 slide decks?

    I know that Tim or Darren state in the videos you could email them for a slide deck, but it would be quite helpful if this was available at a one-stop location or file so one could easily download them all at once. Is there any way to get all these aside…

  • Forwarding Alarms Via a Rule and Script

    It appears Foglight for Integrations 5.9.4 (and earlier version) describes the interface as having tabs in "Forwarding Alarms to Third-Party Systems" but such tabs do not exist.  Further, it states a need to have a groovy script counter part but…

  • Fog light REST API - Get Object IDs for multiple Objects/Agents


    I am trying to fetch some performance metric data using REST API. I could fetch performance data for one object by hardcoding the topology ID of said object as below:


  • Can't create agent mysql

    Hi, Can anybody help me to understand how to fix an issue? I can't create agent mysql (foglight v.5.9.5 free trial)

    log fie agent >>

    2020-08-13 11:48:40.910 VERBOSE [FglAM:RestoreAgent[20]-6] com.quest.glue.core.agent.AgentInstance - Starting…

  • Foglight REST API - Authentication error - "Method Not Allowed"


    I am trying to access Foglight using REST API but it is throwing error "Method Not Allowed". 


    I have Administrator and API access on my user. I tried with http://<server>:<Port>/api/v1 and it is returning response (in…

  • REST API - alarm limited to 500 results

    It seems the 'alarms' endpoint in the API is limited to 500 results (current & historical). Is there anyway to page the results or add filtering?
    There does not seem to be anything documented, we are on FogLight Evolve 9.0.

    Thank you,

  • Finding a specific Dashboard view

    I created a test dashboard some time ago and I'm revisiting it today.  I can't figure out what portlet\view\graph I put in it but would like to duplicate it for all our servers I'm using now.

    Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to reproduce…

  • Shared dashboard and UTC time zone

    Hello all,

    Wondering if anyone has run into this before. I have a couple of custom VMware performance dashboards that I share via URL to other teams. When I build the dashboards in Fog light they display the correct time set to our time zone. However…

  • How to perform a search based on RuleID

    I have this script and what I want to achieve is to perform the search for the RulesID within the currentalarm but I have not managed to find the variables that allow me this, someone who could support me

    import java.sql.Timestamp
    import java.text…

  • FSMServiceLevelPolicy: How do I change SpecificTimeRange in a Script?


         We are trying to build a dashboard in PowerBI to report on SLAs for the last day, 7 days, and 30 days. We are trying to us the uptime and downtime properties of FSMServiceLevelPolicy to calculate the availability. I would like to build a custom…

  • Create capacity report

    Hello I request your support, I am trying to create a table of disk capacities where I can calculate the monthly growth and the percentage, but I cannot obtain the weekly value of growth rate, additionally this table should contain the percentage of CPU…