Monitoring Alarms from TeamQuest to Foglight

I'm working on duplicating monitors from TeamQuest to Foglight. I'm looking for some help with the rule conditions for few alarms to setup in Foglight. Below is the syntax for teamquest and the rule conditions. Please help me on how to setup these in Foglight. 

TeamQuest rule
enet_collision alarm if ouput packets/s >=10 and collisions/s >=1
enet_errors_in alarm if input packet errors/s > 3 for at least 60 sec
enet_errors_out alarm if output packet errors/s > 3 for at least 60 sec
if_utilization alarm if Mbps for an ethernet adapter is about 950 for more than 15 minutes
runq_length Warning condition if runq_index >= 2 for 30 minutes -- Alarm if >= 3
runq_length_panic Alarm if runq_index > 10 for at least 60 seconds
vm_page_outs_exessive alarm if paging space pageouts per second is greater than 6 for 15 minutes

Thank you!