• PDB Report from Foglight

    Has anyone ever generated a report that shows all Hosts/Instances/PDb's?  I see that the DB Expansion has a report for all Hosts and Instances ---- but does not add PDB's

  • Reports for Long running process, blocking/locking and other parameters...

    I'm looking to create some daily run reports to show the previous 24 hour stats with the following parameters:

    • Long running process (can a timefame be attached at set up?  If so, how?)
    • Stored Procs that are being memory resource hogs.
    • Bad execution…
  • Foglight Database Expansion Pack

    Note: Database Expansion Pack download was updated in 2022

    Hello all.  I am pleased to provide the latest release of my Foglight Database Expansion Pack for general use.  Any customer (current or future) is encouraged to install this pack into their Foglight…