• need help customizing the file system capacity rule from the infrastructure cartridge

    I been requested to create a customized rule based on the file system capacity rule

    currently this rule monitors all filesystem

    We want to filter out all filesystems related to the OS like /var., /boot,/tmp or /opt for example

    what should I add the this…

  • Create capacity report

    Hello I request your support, I am trying to create a table of disk capacities where I can calculate the monthly growth and the percentage, but I cannot obtain the weekly value of growth rate, additionally this table should contain the percentage of CPU…

  • How to develop an new type of action ?


    Who will give some guide on developing an action just like commandAction, scriptAction...?



  • Parameters for Scirpt Agent

    I create script agent checking the file size. I will check with WinRM remotely. I would like to make an agent more universal and be able to provide the host name and file name.



    Marcin Falkowski


  • Need to add buttons to custom dashboard

    Hi everyone

    Can anybody help me to add buttons to custom dashboard? I want to execute any action (ping, or telnet host or opening web page) from my script from Foglight dashboard and see the stdout and stderr flows.

    I read this article http://en.community…

  • Foglight Database Expansion Pack

    Note: Database Expansion Pack download was updated in 2022

    Hello all.  I am pleased to provide the latest release of my Foglight Database Expansion Pack for general use.  Any customer (current or future) is encouraged to install this pack into their Foglight…

  • Environment Insights - Foglight Hyper-V Vmware

    Hi All,

    DOWNLOAD NOW -  6825.Environment_Insights-1_4_0.zip

    I have been working on new cartridge to bring together some previous work from the community.

    Attached you will find Environment Insights, this cartridge is community driven so please post what…