• how to monitor is a linux server is up or has been rebboted


    We are having issue with our tools that monitor the servers/OS side  and we are trying to find a solution in foglight

    We are looking at monitoring if a server is up/down or if I has been rebooted

    If anybody has an idea how to do this

    Thank you


  • need help customizing the file system capacity rule from the infrastructure cartridge

    I been requested to create a customized rule based on the file system capacity rule

    currently this rule monitors all filesystem

    We want to filter out all filesystems related to the OS like /var., /boot,/tmp or /opt for example

    what should I add the this…

  • Discrepancy on the hardware requirements for Foglight Management Server

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm trying to calculate our hardware requirements for the FMS.

    I've got to think the second example in the walk-through may not be for the Foglight Management Server alone.

    From https://support.quest.com/technical…