• rule message that references the same expression multiple times gives different results

    I have variables in a rule where the message defines several fields from the same expression.  The strange thing is I get different results in the various fields even though they have the same source.  Does anyone know why this would be?  Here is what is…

  • How to get host name from AlarmSystemEvent without a scoping query?

    I am forwarding alarms to a third-party and have an event-driven rule on AlarmSystemEvent. I want this single rule to forward all alarms so I have no scoping query. I do not understand why but the built-in variables such as foglight_monitored_host_name…

  • Manage Registry Variables and Rules Report

    Hello Team,

    Is it possible to get a report where I can see the Registry variables and Rules associated to one VM server? I was asked to generate a report where it can be viewed these options associated or linked to one host.

    Thanks for your help.