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How to use the MFG MaxDiscrepancyThreshold parameter

Migrator for GroupWise (MFG) includes a new MaxDiscrepancyThreshold feature intended to warn the Migration Administrator that there may have been issues migrating a particular user. The concept is that during the initialization phase of the migration, MFG obtains an estimated items count from the GroupWise client. If MFG migrates less than that amount (configurable by setting the MaxDiscrepancyThreshold), which is 5,000 items by default, then MFG will log this warning:

ERROR: [11055-7-95-00000000] MaxDiscrepencyThreshold reached, the GroupWise client may not have provided all items to MFG for migration. This user may need to be re-migrated

If this warning is logged during your migration, then we would recommend running GWCHECK at least 3 times, consecutively on the affected user's mailbox by following KB: 59640 - "What options should be selected while running GWCheck? Is there any guidance available on this topic?"


If running GWCHECK using the preceding KB article 3 times consecutively does not resolve the issue, then you may want to try the following options to help clean up the source data:

1.) Move the problematic GroupWise mailbox to another GroupWise Post Office, which will force GroupWise to re-generate its databases.

2.) Open the user's GroupWise mailbox in the GroupWise client and archive all items, then un-archive all items, which should also GroupWise to re-generate its databases.


The MaxDiscrepancyThreshold parameter can also be adjusted to allow for a larger discrepancy without triggering a warning. The parameter is incorrect in the MFG documentation. The correct parameter is as follows:


For example, you can increase the threshold to 10000 to allow for a higher item count discrepancy between estimated and migrated items.