Directory Export fails on most GW objects with 80020009 error - eDirectory Tree cannot be set

Hi all.

Most of the Groupwise environment is GW 2018, authenticating via Kerberos to AD. There is no eDirectory in the environment.

Because of Kerberos auth, the GW account from the migrator is to a GW 2014 PO with internal Groupwise password. Account is System Admin.

Server 2016 running Directory Exporter has the OES client (OES Client 2 SP5) but is not logged in, obviously.

I get about 25% of total users in the UsersToMigrate.csv.

Errors in the _gwdirapp.wlog repeat per object:

13:29:09  Description: eDirectory Tree could not be set.

13:29:09 WARNING: [13772-62-40-80020009] Unable to export object 'FSICM-MH'

13:29:09  Resources.Item(FSICM-MH,PO109,TCHHSA):

I'm not sure what my next step should be. I verified that the GW sysadmin account can see all the users in Groupwise webadmin. It's just that the gwdirapp.wlog is filled with 1000s of these errors.

  • Oh my gosh! I've been troubleshooting this for a couple of hours, knocking my head against a proverbial brick wall.

    Literally, 5 minutes after I post this plea for help, I find the answer in the INI reference PDF.

    In the GWDIRAPP.INI, in the [Config] section, include UseAdminAPI=0. It won't query NDS using a certain Novell API.

    I got all 7800+ users.

    Thanks anyway. ;-)

  • Hello HHyten,

    Yes, you are correct, the UseAdminAPI=0 paramter will tell Migrator for GroupWise (MFG) to not use the older Novell Admin API. I am glad you were able to locate your answer in such a timely manner.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support