How to format Groupwise attribute to map to CustomAttr[#]?

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Using the Directory Exporter (gwdirapp.exe), I want to retrieve 2 Groupwise attributes in the resulting UsersToMigrate.csv. The doc says to use "Groupwise Attribute", but what naming does it use? I want to retrieve "Login Disabled" and "Last client login time", but no matter what I use to indicate the Groupwise attribs, even the numeric code like "50058", I get nothingin those columns.




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  • Hello HH,

    I understand you are experiencing issues retrieving two particular GroupWise attributes using the "CustomAttr" parameter in the Migrator for GroupWise (MFG) gwdirapp.ini file. I believe this particular functionality of the MFG Directory Exporter depends on the Novell Admin API to retrieve the attribute values. From your other post, I believe you have turned of the Admin API to proceed with the MFG Directory Exporter in your particular environment, without eDirectory.

    I will investigate this issue further and let you know what I find as soon as possible.


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • Good eye, Trevor. Yes, with no eDirectory, I had to turn off Admin API.

    Thanks for looking this up.