help with Database Events Data Sources


I'm trying to setup a connector in InTrust to retrieve data from a SQL Server Table. I've read the steps outlined in there:

I'm observing a very strange behaviour: when i launch the Task I've created (with associated DataSource, Site and Gathering Policy) it goes fine the first time while other times, even if it's launched manually or via scheduled task, it fails and I receive always the same error (truncated at the source):

Failed to collect event log. ADC Error: Internal error: Errors encountered while preparing for data collection. (Internal error: cannot find the last gathered event position in the gathered database.[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Conversio

I don't really get why, since I didn't change anything in the config. The query works pretty fine for the first gathering but it fails any other subsequent times.

Can anyone give me some clue?

Thanks in advance,

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