How to collect all network Hostnames, IPs, and MAC addresses inside a text file using hostnames located in a text file by Batch scripting?

Hi all I'm a beginner in batch scripting and I want to create a batch script to collect All needed data in one row for each workstation inside my domain into a text file using hostnames located in a text file named 'hosts.txt' by a batch scripting language
and here is my code below:

@echo off
echo All Information >"Hosts Info.txt"
echo. >>"Hosts Info.txt"
For /f %%d in (hosts.txt) do (
echo. %%d >>"Hosts Info.txt"
getmac /s %%d /v /nh >>"Hosts Info.txt"
ping %%d |find "Ping statistics for" >>"Hosts Info.txt"
echo._______________________________ >>"Hosts Info.txt"

but it's so dummy as I don't know but a few things about the batch programming, so I'm trying to do my best and I can't deal ever with many things like ( "tokens & delims" , " ~ " , " 1% " , " find "," findstr" ) What is these things means and how we use it to get just what I want only as I want the output look like that
1- [ Hostname : IP : MAC address ]

Example for hosts.txt




... etc.
could anyone help me, please

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