How to obtain all Windows Event Logs in "English" language?

We have locations worldwide.

When I review the logs, I can see some event data is writen in english, some in german, some in russian, some in chinese.

This makes the process for the analyst very hard and frustrating.

Is there a way to collect the whole log, including the event data, in english, independet of the users GUI language?

Guess this is not a common problem all SIEM vendors have, but your support told me I should contact Microsoft therefore.

  • Hi Maximilian,

    Cool request, but I'm afraid the current product behavior cannot be switched to what you ask. Development is concerned about Globalization and Internationalization, particularly, that "locale data such as dates, times, numbers, and currencies are formatted according to the user’s language and geographic region". But I haven't heard about the opposite thing that you mean, PM missed such a scenario, so I only can put your request to the backlog for further triage.