NetVault Backup 12.4がリリースされました。
オプションとしてSAP HANA Plugin 12.4とOffice365 Plugin 12.4がリリースされました。

>> NetVault Backup 12.4

What's New:

•Support for plug-in for SAP HANA and plug-in for Nutanix AHV 

•Protection Strategies phase-1 (Storage Tier implementation) 

•NetVault macOS client support for QoreStor RDA

•Direct -to- Cloud VTL support with StarWind

>> Office 365 Plugin 12.4

What's New:

•Support for backing up and restoring (granular recovery) Microsoft OneDrive

•Support for restoring individual email messages

•NetVault with Plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 deployed on Azure marketplace

•Support for searching backups for specific email messages and recovering them to a specific email folder

•Added labels to differentiate between plug-in options for Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive

>> SAP HANA Plugin 12.4

What's New:

•Backup, Restore, inquire, and delete using Hana database backint 

•Scale up and scale out support 

•PIT and data only recovery from backup 

•Operations support from Hana tool (Hana studio, Cockpit, command line)



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Capacityライセンスご利用中のお客様も、新しく追加されたSAP HANA Plugin をご利用いただくことが可能です。




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