MongoDBを保護する、新しいNetVaultのプラグインオプション、MongoDB Plugin 12.4がリリースされました。
また、Office365 Plugin 12.5がリリースされ、Sharepoint Onlineに対応しました。


>> NetVault Backup Plug-in for MongoDB 12.4:

・A new plugin to perform backup and recovery of MongoDB databases
・Protection of On-premises MongoDB in standalone, replica sets and sharded clusters
・Protection of cloud hosted MongoDB Atlas
・Support for full and incremental database backups

>> NetVault Backup Plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 12.5:
・An update to the Office 365 plugin introducing support for SharePoint Online and Azure Active Directory
・Protection of SharePoint Online, including full backups of sites and subsites. Protects Documents, Form Templates, Style Libraries, Site Pages and Site Assets.
・Protection of Azure Active Directory, including full and incremental backup of Users, Groups and Service Principles.
・Improved network resiliency to maintain backup and restore operations during network failures.


MongoDB Pluginの設定方法はこちら

WIKI:NetVault Backup 簡単設定・操作ガイド:MongoDBデータベースのバックアップ

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