LiteSpeed and TSM.

Check out a new blog post about LiteSpeed and TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)


  • Does anyone know of a link that actually works for this?

  • Hello,

    What issue are you having?



  • We've been using Litespeed to backup up our SQL to TSM, and a client is now wanting to know why we don't use Native instead (which would suit them better for what they are trying to do) so I'm looking for anything LiteSpeed and TSM related (and comparisons to Native if possible) that isn't outdated. I see a six year old post saying object level recovery wasn't possible, but I thought I had seen some notes that it was. Pros and cons between the two would be great but I was just trying to follow the link to get to something related to LiteSpeed and TSM.

  • Hello,

    I would suggest opening a support case or contacting sales (support can also help with this).

    Offhand I am not aware of any support notes or other online resources that are related to the more current versions of TSM\Spectrum. (outside of dealing with troubleshooting)

    But we may have internal docs that can help.