Backups to S3: Backups are running. bkp files are not visible in S3 browser

I am running fast compression backups and running them to an S3 bucket, standard storage class.

The backups are applying AES-256 compression.

When the maintenance plan runs, new S3 folders are created for any databases that do not have an existing folder.

When the job completes, I do not see the database files in the S3 browser.  Nor do I see them in the AWS UI... the folders appear empty and taking up no storage.

But if I attempt to do a restore in the litespeed console I am able to browse to the S3 folder and select the backup file.

How is it that Litespeed is able to see files in the S3 bucket folder but the files are not visible in the S3 browser, or the AWS UI?


  • Hello Dave,

    That would appear to be a permissions issue.

    Please note that Litespeed uses the AWS credentials entered into the LS console or script when you view a S3 container.

    Here is an example a script used to view an S3 bucket on a server that does not use IAM.

    exec master.dbo.xp_sls_cloud_browse 
    @CloudAccessKey = N'customer access key',
    @CloudSecretKey = N'customer secret key',
    @CloudBucketName = N'<bucket name>',
    @UseSSL = 1

    Hope this helps,


  • Ben,

    That xp shed some light on the problem that helped me resolve the issue.

    I noticed the path of the files had a double slash in the path.  (I would insert an image but this interface seems to require the image to be on the web, ugh).

    For example, I noticed the path was of the format:


    Notice the double slash after myServerName.

    When I went into the maintenance plan (fast compression object) the "Folder Name" was set to TEST/myServerName/.  That string was generated when I used the three-dots/elipses (...) to pick the path of the folder.  The trailing slash after myServerName was included after picking the path.

    The fix is to simply delete that trailing slash for the folder.

    Now I can see all of the backup files, as expected.

    My guess is this is a bug with the LiteSpeed product.  If the trailing slash is omitted we would not have to manually drop it from the plan.


  • Hello Dave,

    Please create a support case and we can review your issue in more detail.



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