What is recommended memory usage for Cloud backups?

Getting the following warning on a couple servers. Was curious to know what is considered the recommended memory usage? This is a SQL Server backup going to AWS S3.

The LiteSpeed Verify Restore for 'model' raised a warning at Wednesday, October 21, 2020 11:30:08 AM with the message '(CloudParallelUpload x CloudPartSize) exceeds recommended memory usage.'


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  • Hello Taylor,

    Every stripe will use a separate process to upload data with its own CloudParallelUpload x CloudPartSize.

    Memory usage will be: Number of stripes х CloudParallelUpload x CloudPartSize


    CloudPartSize = 800 and CloudParallelUpload = 1

    If 6 stripes were created the memory used would be

    6*1*800=4800MB or 4.8GB of RAM used.

     If you need further help please open a support case.



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