BKLS File Format

Hi - Not sure if anyone knows but we have some archive files from 2012 that we want to restore. We are told that they are apparently Archived LiteSpeed files but have a file type of .BKLS

We are being told that these are now impossible to restore and just wondered if anyone had come across them or can confirm that we are unable to restore

Thanks in advance


  • Hello Paul, Thank you for choosing Quest.

    With LiteSpeed you can convert LiteSpeed Backups to SQL Server Backups with the extraction utility (extractor.exe), this allows you to create MTF compliant SQL Server backup files from LiteSpeed backup files through the command-line.

    Unfortunately LiteSpeed won't support BKLS file types.

  • Hello Paul, Thank you for choosing Quest.

    Before to kick the restore please run the SP below.

    1) exec master.dbo.xp_restore_verifyonly
    @filename = N'E:\backup\Dummy-Diff_202010150624.bak',
    @filenumber = 1,
    @logging = 1

    this Verifies the backup, but does not restore the backup. It checks to see that the backup set is complete and that all volumes are readable. If the backup is valid, LiteSpeed returns the message from SQL Server: "The backup set is valid."

    If this SP is unable to retrieve information is most likely the backup is corrupted or Its not a Litespeed Backup

    I hope this helps, otherwise I suggest to open a case with support so they can help  you in this regard.

    Thank  you