SQL Compression - Source Database / Source Server

I inherited a system with a Quest Automated Restore in place with instructions that, if it should ever need to be rebuilt, to replace the @sourceserver and @sourcedatabase with the server and database from which the files originated rather than the local server and local database where the files are currently. The explanation was that the source is using SQL compression and this is the only way. Recently the source has migrated to a cloud location and the restore job fails with the message "the specified backup files are not be found."

I have plugged in the new server and database name to the old job. And I've created a new job which fails with the defaults (local server/db) and fails when I plug in the new server and database there as well. Still the same error message.

The files are transferred to our server via SFTP with the extension Lts.trn and Lts.bak

Is this still the correct configuration for SQL Compression files? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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